How To Use Accela

You can look up and track the status of building and tree cutting permits online via the City of Atlanta's Accela Database.

If you want to just quickly search for a permit record or group of records, click here and then click the "Building" tab in the menu bar toward the top of the page, next to the "Home" tab.   (If you are on a mobile device, click here to configure your Accela view.) 

A form will appear in the next screen.  Scroll down until you see the "General Search" section. Within that section you will see a field for "Street No." (the house or building number) and "Street Name".  Enter the street number of the property in the "From" field and leave the "To" field blank.  (For some reason, the "To" field no longer allows you to enter a range of addresses; if you enter a street number in that field you will get every property on the street. ) Enter in the street name of the property in the "Street Name" field.  It is not necessary to enter any other field, and could actually cause a limited number of records to be returned if a record is missing the Quadrant or Street Type in its address field.

 Press "Search" at the bottom of the screen and ALL the permits associated with the street address you entered will appear at the bottom of the screen, sorted by most recent date.  (Scroll down if you don't immediately see the permit records.)   Click on each highlighted blue record number to see the permit details.  For more information on how to access all the detail in a permit record, see the Accela Tutorial.  However, please note that arborist plan review records are no longer broken out as separate records in Accela but are embedded within the building permit record.  To access a arborist plan review record, you need to click on the building permit record and then click on "Record Info" in the menu that appears under the Building permit number and description, and then click on "Processing Status" in the drop-down menu.  Once you are in the Processing Status, click on the arrow beside "Arborist Plan Review" to see what stage the arborist plan review is in.

Caution: Do not put in the "Street Type" unless the street name is associated with numerous road types, such as Peachtree Rd, Peachtree Ave., Peachtree Way, etc.  The reason you don't want to enter in the "Street Type" is because sometimes a permit is assigned to the wrong street type or no street type at all.  By leaving this field blank, you will get all entries for the street name.

Hint: If you are curious as to what permits have been issued for an entire street, leave the "Street No." field blank.


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