Media Reports


2022 Tree News

"Cop City Explained: A Look at the Ongoing Controversy Surrounding Police Training Center." Decaturish, 1 Sept. 2022

"The New Fight Over an Old Forest in Atlanta.The New Yorker, 3 Aug. 2022

"Atlanta Advocates Warn of Environmental Damage from 'Cop City'.Prism, 15 Jun. 2022

"Is This the Year Atlanta's Tree-protection Ordinance Gets an Update?" Atlanta Magazine, 7 Apr. 2022

"8,000 Trees for Downtown Atlanta." SaportaReport, 28 Feb. 2022

"Activists Blockade Construction of Massive Cop Training Center in Atlanta Forest.Truthout, 24 Feb. 2022

"Protestors Are Hiding in Trees, Working to Block Construction for New APD Training, 23 Feb. 2022

"Activists Are Occupying The Woods To Block A New Police Facility." PopularResistance.Org, 22 Feb. 2022

"Atlanta United Reveals New 'Forest Kit'.FOX 5 Atlanta, 20 Feb. 2022

"'I Believe That We Will Win': Two Perspectives on Defend the Atlanta Forest.It's Going Down, 17 Feb. 2022

"Planner Tim Keane: 'Atlanta Needs to Change a Lot'." SaportaReport, 15 Feb. 2022

"Activists Protest "Cop City" in Atlanta.Georgia Voice - Gay & LGBT Atlanta News, 14 Feb. 2022

"Historic Whispering Pines Home off West Paces Ferry Could Face Demolition.Northside Neighbor, 10 Feb. 2022

"New Atlanta City Council Faces Tree Protection, Waste Fees, Housing Density, More." SaportaReport, 3 Jan. 2022


2021 Tree News

"Proposed Tree Protection Legislation Filed by the Atlanta City Council." What Now Atlanta, 21 Dec. 2021

"Why Atlantans Are Pushing to Stop 'Cop City'." The Appeal, 8 Dec. 2021

"Herbicide Can Be Used on English Ivy Without Harming Tree Roots." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 17 Nov. 2021

"Inside Lake Charlotte, the City's New Nature Preserve." SaportaReport, 8 Nov. 2021

"Lake Charlotte Nature Preserve, Southeast Atlanta's Huge Forest, Opens to the Public." SaportaReport, 2 Nov. 2021

"Ordinance 21-O-0367 Authorizes Lease of Old Prison Farm to Atlanta Police Foundation."  Atlanta City Council, GA, 7 Sep. 2021

"Atlanta: We Can Have It All – Density, Affordable Housing While Protecting Our Tree Canopy." SaportaReport, 9 Aug. 2021

"Marked for Removal by Buckhead Luxury Home Plan, a Tree Gets a Rescue Display." Reporter Newspapers, 7 July 2021

"Residents Eagerly Await Progress in Atlanta's Tree Ordinance Overhaul." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7 June 2021

"Atlanta's 'green soul:' Trees, the Big Picture, Amid Talk of a Tree Protection Ordinance." SaportaReport, 2 May 2021

"Opinion: City Should Side with Neighborhoods." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 16 Apr. 2021
(Bob Irvin discusses "The Developer Feeding Frenzy Ordinance" that threatens the tree canopy.)

"Atlanta Mayor Says Density-focused Zoning Changes Could Be "Scaled Down"." Atlanta Civic Circle, 14 Apr. 2021
(Concerns proposed single-family residential zoning changes that could impact trees)

"Sierra Club Georgia Chapter, 15 Other Environmental Organizations, Urge Atlanta City Council to Protect the South River Forest." Sierra Club, 12 Aug. 2021

"How To Set Effective, Evidence-Based Urban Tree Canopy Goals." PlanIT Geo, 7 Aug. 2021™

"Local Nonprofit Conditionally Supports Atlanta Tree Protection Ordinance." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7 Apr. 2021

"To Accommodate Population Boom, Atlanta Must Learn to Use Space Smarter." Atlanta Civic Circle, 24 Mar. 2021
(Promotes Atlanta City Design Housing proposal which could decimate Atlanta's residential tree canopy)

"City Council President Skeptical of Rezoning Proposals That Would Allow Accessory Dwelling Units.Atlanta Intown, 3 Mar. 2021
(includes comments about preserving trees from residential development)

"City Council President Joins Buckhead Skeptics of City's Single-family Zoning Changes." Reporter Newspapers, 3 Mar. 2021
(Includes comments about the impact of the zoning changes on Atlanta's trees)

"200-year-old Atlanta Tree Transformed into COVID Memorial." FOX 5 Atlanta, 3 Mar. 2021

"Trees Atlanta Unveils List of 2021 'Champions'." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1 Mar. 2021

"Atlanta's New Tree Ordinance is a Tree Removal Ordinance." Streets of Atlanta, 28 Feb. 2021

"Aim High Atlanta - Pass an Ordinance That Truly Protects Trees." SaportaReport, 23 Feb. 2021

"Volunteers Planting 300 Trees in Honor of Late Rep. John Lewis on His 81st Birthday." WSBTV, 21 Feb. 2021

"Atlanta's Planned Tree Ordinance Includes Affordable Housing Provision." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 17 Feb. 2021

"New Tree Ordinance Delivered to Council." INMAN PARK TREE WATCH, 9 Feb. 2021

"OPINION: Can't New Atlanta Tree Ordinance Be Rooted in Preservation?Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 27 Jan. 2021

"Protecting Trees: Replace Cut/scrape Housing with Village Conservation Communities." SaportaReport, 25 Jan. 2021

"New Proposed Tree Ordinance For Atlanta Tries To Balance Between Builders And Advocates." 90.1 FM WABE, 25 Jan. 2021

"Trees to Pay Tribute to the Late U.S. Rep. John Lewis." AP NEWS, 23 Jan. 2021

"300 Blooming Trees to Be Planted in Freedom Park for John Lewis Memorial." Atlanta Intown, 22 Jan. 2021



2020 Tree News

"One of Atlanta's Largest Remaining Forests Has Been Saved. Now What?" Atlanta Magazine, 30 Dec. 2020

"Group Says Atlanta is Losing Too Many Trees to Development." WSBTV, 29 Dec. 2020

"Time for Atlanta's Arborists, Developers and Citizens to Advocate for Trees." SaportaReport, 21 Dec. 2020

"Above the Waterline: Signs of Hope in New Forest Preserve, Tree Protection Efforts." Atlanta Intown, 10 Dec. 2020

"DEFORESTATION OF ATLANTA CONTINUES......The City is Destroying an Important Resource in the Fight Against Climate Change." Streets of Atlanta, 6 Dec. 2020

"Audit: Atlanta Planning Department Overspent Millions of Tree Trust Fund on Salaries and Benefits." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 13 Oct. 2020

"Atlanta Overspent Tree Money on Salaries Instead of Canopy, Say Auditors." SaportaReport, 3 Oct. 2020

"Known for Its Trees, Greenville May Copy Atlanta to Protect a Shrinking Canopy." Post and Courier, 16 Sept. 2020

"Atlanta's Trees Are More Vulnerable when the City's Arborists Aren't out in the Field." SaportaReport, 14 Sept. 2020

"Trees Atlanta Planting Roots for New HQ Along the BeltLine on the Westside." SaportaReport, 7 Sept. 2020

"New Brookhaven Tree Ordinance is on the Way Amid Cutting Controversies." Reporter Newspapers, 28 Aug. 2020
(Concerns Brookhaven's tree ordinance issues and planned rewrite process.)

"With Big New Park, Atlanta Protects A Forest With A Long History." 90.1 FM WABE, 25 Aug. 2020

"Atlanta Tweaks Tree Protection, Floats Idea of Forming Urban Forestry Division." SaportaReport, 25 Aug. 2020

"Consultant: Metro Atlanta's urban sprawl should raise concerns for all.Northside Neighbor, 14 Aug 2020

"Tree Ordinance Discussion Bears Fruit.Livable Buckhead, 15 July 2020

"Is Our Tree Protection Ordinance Fair?" INMAN PARK TREE WATCH, 30 June 2020

"Citizens Group Proposes an Alternative Tree Ordinance for Atlanta." SaportaReport, 28 June 2020

"Atlanta Is Still Trying To Redo Its Tree Ordinance." 90.1 FM WABE, 25 June 2020

"Atlanta City Council Will Hold Meeting on Protecting City's Tree Canopy." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 24 June 2020

"LISTEN: City Council Holds Virtual Work Session on Tree Protection Ordinance." Atlanta INtown Paper, 22 June 2020

"Want to learn more about Atlanta's tree ordinance rewrite? Here's how you can." Northside Neighbor, 19 June 2020.

"Atlanta Tree Fund Questions May Affect Protection Ordinance." Reporter Newspapers, 30 May 2020

"The Stumpery is Trees Atlanta's Latest Garden Addition to the BeltLine Arboretum." Atlanta Intown, 22 May 2020

"The City of Atlanta Robbed the Tree Trust Fund of Millions for Years." Streets of Atlanta, 7 May 2020

"Just in Time for Earth Day, City Acquires 216-acre Greenspace for Tree Canopy Protection." Atlanta Intown, 22 Apr. 2021

"Report: Atlanta Has Misappropriated $3.3M from Its Tree Trust Fund.Northside Neighbor, 22 Apr. 2020

"Conservation Deal Preserves 216 Acres of Green Space in Southeast Atlanta." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 22 Apr. 2020

"How to Know Whether Your Tree Will Fall During a Bad Storm." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 22 Apr. 2020

"Trees and Seedlings Come Up $3.4 Million Short in Atlanta Spending, Say Advocates." SaportaReport, 20 Apr. 2020

"Trees at Grady High." SaportaReport, 7 Apr. 2020

"Tree Protection Ordinance 1.0." INMAN PARK TREE WATCH, 7 Apr. 2020

"Tensions on City Advisory Group Cloud Mayor's Commitment to Planning Director Tim Keane." SaportaReport, 6 Apr. 2020
(Concerns Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms' commitment to Tim Keane and tree canopy protection after most recent Technical Advisory Committee appointment) 

"Citizens' Letters Question Atlanta's Proposed Tree Protection Ordinance." SaportaReport, 7 Apr. 2020

"216-acre Southeast Atlanta Forest Headed for Permanent Preservation." SaportaReport, 31 Mar. 2020

City of Atlanta Releases Draft of New Tree Protection Ordinance." Atlanta INtown Paper, 27 Mar. 2020

"Atlanta's Development Boom Cleared to Continue During Coronavirus Pandemic." Curbed Atlanta, 26 Mar. 2020

"One Million Trees to Be Saved and Planted in Metro Atlanta by 2030." Atlanta Audubon Society, 6 Mar. 2020

"Above the Waterline: Make Tree Protection a Climate Priority." Atlanta INtown Paper, 4 Mar. 2020

"Site Preparations Begin on New R. Randall Rollins Building." Emory News Center, 4 Mar. 2020
(Concerns the removal of approximately 88 trees and replanting according to Emory’s Forest Management Plan)

"New Atlanta Tree Protection Ordinance Draft Expected in March." Reporter Newspapers, 29 Feb. 2020

"Neighbors Concerned About Safety After Tree Falls and Kills Woman in Buckhead." WXIA, 28 Feb. 2020

"In a City of Trees, 7 Signs Your Atlanta Home Might Be in Danger." Curbed Atlanta, 12 Feb. 2020

"Bringing Surface Lots Up to Code in Midtown.", 11 Feb. 2020
(Article addresses bringing Midtown parking lots of to code which includes having a minimum of one tree per eight parking spaces provided)

"Over 8,000 Healthy Trees Felled Yearly As Promised Protections Stall." SaportaReport, 9 Feb. 2020
Leigh Finlayson's tree numbers in this editorial come from an August 22, 2019 report which has since been revised by the City. The new numbers are:
- Total healthy trees permitted: 42,039 (not "48,306"), an average of 7007 trees a year (not "over 8000")
- Annual trees permitted as DDH in 2018-19: 7,384 (not "over 7500")
- Trees removed illegally: 1,261 (not "2,268")

"OPINION: The Felled Feeling of the Fed Cutting Down Trees and Atlanta." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5 Feb. 2020

"City of Atlanta Scores Nearly 13 Acres for a New Tree-filled Park." Curbed Atlanta, 4 Feb. 2020

"Jack Guynn Plaza Renovation - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta." Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 29 Jan. 2020

"It Shouldn't Be This Easy to Cut Down Healthy Trees in Atlanta.SaportaReport, 28 Jan. 2020

"Digging Up Soil and Trees: Atlanta Lead Cleanup Begins." Georgia Health News, 27 Jan. 2020

"Why Seattle Residents Are Fighting to Save Their Tree Canopy." US News & World Report, 3 Jan. 2020
(Mentions Atlanta's tree ordinance rewrite attempt.)

"Buckhead's Historic Trees to Be Mapped in Heritage Society Project.Reporter Newspapers, 1 Jan. 2020



"Atlanta City Council to Revive Tree Ordinance Rewrite.Reporter Newspapers, 27 Dec. 2019

"City of Atlanta Struggles to Rewrite Ordinance Protecting Trees." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 21 Dec. 2019

"What's Next For Atlanta's New Tree Ordinance?" 90.1 FM WABE, 3 Dec. 2019

"Torpy at Large: Atlanta Tree Protection Ordinance Dying on the Vine?Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 15 Nov. 2019

"KNO Members Unhappy with Plans for Pullman Yard Redevelopment.Decaturish, 11 Nov. 2019

"The New Tree Protection Ordinance Will Not Protect The Trees." Streets of Atlanta, 12 Nov. 2019

"Public Speaks out on Behalf of Atlanta's Trees." SaportaReport, 12 Nov. 2019

"Atlanta Abruptly Cancels Tree Ordinance Rewrite Meeting, Says Format Didn't Work." Reporter Newspapers, 7 Nov. 2019

"Atlanta Cancels Tree Ordinance Meeting in Buckhead." Northside Neighbor, 7 Nov. 2019

"Mourning the Loss of Dozens of Trees Along Peachtree in Midtown." SaportaReport, 4 Nov. 2019

"Controversy Surrounding Atlanta's Tree Ordinance to Again Take Center Stage." Curbed Atlanta, 4 Nov. 2019

"Tree Protection Rewrite Edging Toward Affordable Housing Talk of 'Granny Flats'?" SaportaReport, 31 Oct. 2019

"Metro Atlanta School Deals with a Parking Expansion Controversy." CBS46 News Atlanta, 13 Aug. 2019

"Don't Turn Grady High's Green Front Lawn into a Parking Lot." SaportaReport, 29 July 2019

"The Tallest Tree in Atlanta is a Lonely Reminder of a System That Needs Fixing.Northside Neighbor, 24 July 2019

"Plan to Cut Down Trees at Ponce Library Shows Need for a Strong Tree Ordinance." SaportaReport, 8 July 2019

"Developer Illegally Cut Down Thousands of Trees Near River, County Officials Say." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2 July 2019
(These trees were cut just outside the Atlanta city limits, east of Moreland Avenue on the southeast side of the city.)

"Atlanta's Abundance of Trees Means Homeowners Can Be Caught off Guard." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 25 June 2019

"Small Change To Atlanta Tree Regulation Makes Both Advocates And Developers Happy." 90.1 FM WABE, 20 June 2019

"Atlanta City Council Postpones Tree Protection Ordinance Work Session." Northside Neighbor, 18 June 2019

"Trees: More Than Pretty Plants, They Mark Efforts in Civil Rights, Public Health, More.SaportaReport, 17 June 2019

"Atlanta's Abundance of Trees Means Homeowners Can Be Caught off Guard." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 15 June 2019

"Residents: Atlanta Tree Ordinance's Planned Changes Favor Developers." Northside Neighbor, 12 June 2019

"Atlanta's Shrinking Tree Canopy ? The City is 'Losing...its Identity'." WSB Radio, 10 June 2019

"Wildlife and People Could Benefit from Better Tree Protections, Buckhead Advocates Say." Reporter Newspapers, 3 June 2019

"Atlanta's Tree Ordinance: Final Public Forums Slated Before Final Draft Written." SaportaReport, 29 May 2019

"Want to Weigh in on Atlanta's Proposed Tree Ordinance Changes? Here's Where You Can." Northside Neighbor, 28 May 2019

"Atlanta to Have 'Pick Your Own' Food Forest with Vegetables, Nuts, Berries.SaportaReport, 14 May 2019

"20 Atlanta Trees You Should Know." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1 May 2019

"Torpy at Large: Will a New Tree Law Make Atlanta More Leafy?" Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1 May 2019

"Buckhead man encounters Catch-22 in Atlanta's tree removal permit process." The Neighbor (Neighbor Newspapers), 30 Apr. 2019

"As Furor Rises over Tree Cutting in Atlanta, City Looks to Extend Tree-planting Program.SaportaReport, 25 Apr. 2019

"Atlanta Tree Ordinance in Crosshairs." 11 Alive-WXIA, 22 Apr. 2019

"For Earth Day, Metro Atlantans Share Greatest Environmental Concerns." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 21 Apr. 2019

"Advocacy Groups to Hold April 30 Meeting on Atlanta's Tree Ordinance Rewrite." Reporter Newspapers, 20 Apr. 2019

"Tree Protection: 'Atlanta City Design' to Shape Discussion over New Tree Ordinance.SaportaReport, 8 Apr. 2019

"What Atlanta Decides on Tree Canopy Could Benefit People As Well As Urban Forest.SaportaReport, 7 Apr. 2019

"Cover Story: Atlanta's Urban Forest Under Fire." Atlanta Business Chronicle, 5 Apr. 2019
(Thanks goes to Mary Norwood for purchasing us rights to this article.)

"South River Forest: A Big Idea for Atlanta." The Nature Conservancy,  25 Feb. 2019

"Atlanta Responds to BCN Tree Ordinance Concerns.Reporter Newspapers, 2 Feb. 2019

"Buckhead Development Angers Residents." CBS46 News Atlanta, 14 Jan. 2019


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