Verify Recompense Calculations

Check that the city has calculated recompense accurately, reflecting all the trees that will be lost or impacted. Recompense calculations are in the Tree Protection Ordinance, Sec. 158-34 and Sec. 158-103.

Check carefully for accuracy (location and number of trees, species, size, etc.).  Sometimes the plan is wrong and the city arborist has never visited the site to verify its accuracy. It is quite remarkable the number of trees that are never specified on a site plan when the permit applicant believes the city arborist won't visit the site in-person..

Recompense is not required for trees that are considered dead, dying, diseased or hazardous [DDDH].  According to the current wording of the Tree Protection Ordinance, no appeal can be made on a tree that has been ruled as DDDH by a city arborist, even if a private arborist says the tree is healthy.

However, if the DDDH ruling has been given based only on a site or tree plan submitted by the applicant who wants to remove the tree(s), you can -- and should -- request a follow-up onsite inspection by the city arborist. The DDDH no-appeal clause in the Tree Ordinance prevents citizens from having the right of appeal and is one of the most commonly exploited loopholes in the Tree Protection Ordinance.

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