2021 Tree News

"Proposed Tree Protection Legislation Filed by the Atlanta City Council." What Now Atlanta, 21 Dec. 2021

"Why Atlantans Are Pushing to Stop 'Cop City'." The Appeal, 8 Dec. 2021

"Herbicide Can Be Used on English Ivy Without Harming Tree Roots." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 17 Nov. 2021

"Inside Lake Charlotte, the City's New Nature Preserve." SaportaReport, 8 Nov. 2021

"Lake Charlotte Nature Preserve, Southeast Atlanta's Huge Forest, Opens to the Public." SaportaReport, 2 Nov. 2021

"Ordinance 21-O-0367 Authorizes Lease of Old Prison Farm to Atlanta Police Foundation."  Atlanta City Council, GA, 7 Sep. 2021

"Atlanta: We Can Have It All – Density, Affordable Housing While Protecting Our Tree Canopy." SaportaReport, 9 Aug. 2021

"Marked for Removal by Buckhead Luxury Home Plan, a Tree Gets a Rescue Display." Reporter Newspapers, 7 July 2021

"Residents Eagerly Await Progress in Atlanta's Tree Ordinance Overhaul." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7 June 2021

"Atlanta's 'green soul:' Trees, the Big Picture, Amid Talk of a Tree Protection Ordinance." SaportaReport, 2 May 2021

"Opinion: City Should Side with Neighborhoods." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 16 Apr. 2021
(Bob Irvin discusses "The Developer Feeding Frenzy Ordinance" that threatens the tree canopy.)

"Atlanta Mayor Says Density-focused Zoning Changes Could Be "Scaled Down"." Atlanta Civic Circle, 14 Apr. 2021
(Concerns proposed single-family residential zoning changes that could impact trees)

"Sierra Club Georgia Chapter, 15 Other Environmental Organizations, Urge Atlanta City Council to Protect the South River Forest." Sierra Club, 12 Aug. 2021

"How To Set Effective, Evidence-Based Urban Tree Canopy Goals." PlanIT Geo, 7 Aug. 2021™

"Local Nonprofit Conditionally Supports Atlanta Tree Protection Ordinance." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7 Apr. 2021

"To Accommodate Population Boom, Atlanta Must Learn to Use Space Smarter." Atlanta Civic Circle, 24 Mar. 2021
(Promotes Atlanta City Design Housing proposal which could decimate Atlanta's residential tree canopy)

"City Council President Skeptical of Rezoning Proposals That Would Allow Accessory Dwelling Units.Atlanta Intown, 3 Mar. 2021
(includes comments about preserving trees from residential development)

"City Council President Joins Buckhead Skeptics of City's Single-family Zoning Changes." Reporter Newspapers, 3 Mar. 2021
(Includes comments about the impact of the zoning changes on Atlanta's trees)

"200-year-old Atlanta Tree Transformed into COVID Memorial." FOX 5 Atlanta, 3 Mar. 2021

"Trees Atlanta Unveils List of 2021 'Champions'." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1 Mar. 2021

"Atlanta's New Tree Ordinance is a Tree Removal Ordinance." Streets of Atlanta, 28 Feb. 2021

"Aim High Atlanta - Pass an Ordinance That Truly Protects Trees." SaportaReport, 23 Feb. 2021

"Volunteers Planting 300 Trees in Honor of Late Rep. John Lewis on His 81st Birthday." WSBTV, 21 Feb. 2021

"Atlanta's Planned Tree Ordinance Includes Affordable Housing Provision." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 17 Feb. 2021

"New Tree Ordinance Delivered to Council." INMAN PARK TREE WATCH, 9 Feb. 2021

"OPINION: Can't New Atlanta Tree Ordinance Be Rooted in Preservation?Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 27 Jan. 2021

"Protecting Trees: Replace Cut/scrape Housing with Village Conservation Communities." SaportaReport, 25 Jan. 2021

"New Proposed Tree Ordinance For Atlanta Tries To Balance Between Builders And Advocates." 90.1 FM WABE, 25 Jan. 2021

"Trees to Pay Tribute to the Late U.S. Rep. John Lewis." AP NEWS, 23 Jan. 2021

"300 Blooming Trees to Be Planted in Freedom Park for John Lewis Memorial." Atlanta Intown, 22 Jan. 2021


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