City of Atlanta to Revise Tree Ordinance

The City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development is in the process of updating the Tree Protection Ordinance to "make it simpler and better organized" and to "address inconsistencies, improve efficacy, incorporate current arboricultural science, and clarify its intent".

The City has invited several "stakeholders" to participate in a preliminary review process and to offer suggestions for the update.  These interviews will take place at City Hall on June 27 and 28.  Meanwhile, the City has released several documents showing the changes they feel should be made based on previous suggestions from interviews conducted with various stakeholders in 2010.  Wallace, Roberts, and Todd (WRT), a multi-disciplinary planning, urban design, architecture and landscape architecture firm based in Philadelphia, PA, will be conducting the interviews to get feedback on a revised draft of The Tree Protection Ordinance.  Several members of The Tree Next Door will be meeting with WRT on June 28 to offer their feedback and insight.

In addition to revising the Tree Protection Ordinance, WRT will be creating an illustrated user-friendly companion document to explain the ordinance's provisions to homeowners as well as an illustrated guide to best management practices for tree care and tree preservation during construction for developers and applicants.  There is already an excellent Tree Protection Standards in Construction Sites guide published by Mississippi State University's Extension Service, so hopefully the City of Atlanta will not be spending too many of our taxpayer dollars re-inventing the wheel.  (Mississippi State's publication may be copied and distributed without alteration for nonprofit educational purposes provided that credit is given to the Mississippi State University Extension Service.)

The Tree Next Door welcomes the opportunity to clarify the language in the Tree Ordinance; however, we recognize that the devil is in the details of any document as voluminous as the Tree Protection Ordinance, currently 31 pages.   We will strive to help simplify The Tree Ordinance while making sure that the ordinance is not weakened in the process.

Below are the documents that the City has provided us.  Over the next week and at our June 27th meeting, members of The Tree Next Door will be discussing the proposed revisions.  Please join us at our June 27th meeting if you would like to share your thoughts so that your reviews can be reflected when The Tree Next Door meets with WRT the following day.  Or, if you would like to be interviewed individually, you can complete this document and email or fax it to Ms. Tina Neal at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / fax: 404.658.6977.  Ms. Neal can be also reached at 404.865.8487.

As of June 20, only three interviews have been scheduled across two days, so it appears that there is plenty of room on the schedule for more interviews.

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