City Government Broken In More Places Than One

Since the article below was first published on 9-24-10, Shel Schlegman, Chair of The Tree Next Door,  has met with Peter Aman, the City's COO, and James Shelby, the City's Planning Commissioner.  The minutes from that meeting can be found here .
Peter Aman, the City's COO, acknowledges that Atlanta's city government is "largely broken" in a September 23 article published by The Buckhead Reporter which notes that:

An audit by the city found that, until recently, the [Code Compliance] office was so poorly managed that records often vanished, inspectors logged in jobs before they even visited the site...

These are the same kind of activities we have recently uncovered occurring in the Arborist Division.

Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing an independent audit of the Arborist Division of the Bureau of Buildings on August 26, 2008, shortly after field arborist Tom Coffin was wrongfully terminated for doing too good of a job in enforcing the tree ordinance.  It has been two years since that audit was approved and it still has not been conducted. 

In written correspondence this past June, Aman stated:

No recent administration has held both senior and junior employees more accountable than Mayor Reed's. Indeed, we have developed a very strong reputation of holding individuals accountable for job performance and will continue to do so. Please pass on specific examples of poor performance of arborists to Commissioner Shelby.

On Monday, September 20, we passed on those specific examples.  Now we are waiting on the City's response.

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