COA Arborist Division Standards of Practice

These COA Arborist Division Standards of Practice were first made available in 2009 to The Tree Next Door (TTND) in response to a request made under the Georgia State Open Records Act. Another Open Records Request was made in 2018 for all current SOPs to see if any of them had been updated, and we found that they had not.

Please note that outdated language is used in some of the Standards; for example, the "KIVA" database has now been replaced by "Accela".

TTND presents the Standards in categories chosen by us, not the City. The Standards themselves are official city documents. Most of them have been in effect since April 2006.

TTND insists that these Standards guide the Arborist Division in its work for Atlanta.  Many issues we have with the enforcement of the Tree Protection Ordinance concern the lack of adherence to the Standards below.  TTND insists that effective quality control measures be instituted in the Arborist Division to ensure compliance with the Standards of Practice and the Tree Protection Ordinance.

A.  Basis for the Standards of Practice

Introduction by Ainsley Caldwell (April 2008)

Criteria for Standards of Practice (June 2009)

Customer Service (June 2009)

B.  Record Keeping Standards (June 2009)

Field Book

Request for Service/Response to Request/Daily Report

C. Tree Removal Standards (June 2009)

No Trees Impacted Inspections

Dead, Dying and Hazardous Tree Evaluations

Leaning Tree Policy

Nuisance Trees

Permitting Tree and Plumbing Emergencies

D.  Plan Posting Standards (June 2009)

Plan Submittal Posting (Orange sign)

Preliminary Approval to Remove Trees Postings (Yellow Sign)

Boundary Tree and Property Owner

E.  Enforcement and Implementation Standards (June 2009)


Illegal Removal/Destruction

Silvicultural Prescription

Infrastructure Improvements

Steps for Final Certificate of Occupancy Inspection

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